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with Sarah Dougherty

Fitness Programs for Busy Veterinarians

The daily grind of Veterinary life can be rough, especially with the emotional struggle of balancing cases, team dynamics and home life. The Pawsitive Fitness Transformative Programs were designed with you in mind by one of your own.

How You Will Succeed

Together we will learn the process of going from surviving your day to knowing you can own your day.

You will discover how to utilize exercise as a tool to help you feel strong and empowered.

You will fuel your body through delicious and nutritious meal plans that allow you to stay focused on your patients and feeling your best, all while not having to get rid of your favorite treats.

Whatever your workout style, we will work together to create a program that fits into your busy life.

Most importantly, you will not only build physical toughness, you will build mental toughness and resiliency that will have you unleashing your inner badass in no time.

Who It's For

The Pawsitive Fitness Transformative Program is for you if…

  • You are a Veterinarian that wants to find balance and joy in your life
  • You struggle with job satisfaction
  • You have ever wondered if there is more to life than Vet Med
  • You’re ready to embrace your identity outside of your career
  • You’ve battled depression and/or anxiety
  • You wish you had more confidence
  • You’re ready to finally prioritize your own health
I am a treadmill and soccer addict.  This is my joy and my "me" time.  But I knew there was something missing from my routine.  Sarah encouraged me to try out a program based on my needs and goals.  This was exactly the pairing I needed to help build flexibility and strength along with my cardio.
Sarah’s coaching style is exactly what I needed to stop
beating myself up about what I wasn’t doing and to focus on my
health and wellness in a positive way. She is affirming of every step
forward I make. She is the answer queen when I feel lost and wonder
what I am doing.
Sarah was able to set up a fitness program that worked with my physical limitations, helped me work through modifications and challenges and allowed me to succeed. I've never met anyone that is as invested in my success as she has been. After a year working with Sarah I feel stronger and more confident than I ever have.

The Pawsitive Fitness Transformative Program

Over the course of the next six months, I will walk you through the Five Principles of Health & Vitality.  I will teach you the skills you need to build muscle, burn fat, grow confidence and feel empowered in your life and in your hospital.


As you work on this principle you will uncover the motivation and endurance to keep up with the physically demanding side of the job. Your accessible and customized movement plan will give you renewed energy to be fully connected with your life, even after a long day.


During this phase, you will learn the secrets of proper nutrition which will not only fuel your body for optimum performance, but will have you feeling energetic and alive, so you are set up for success.


As you bulletproof your mindset throughout this phase you will create new boundaries and habits that will help you rise above the haters and the negativity, allowing you can focus on your mission and serve those you are called to serve.


With the right support at the right time, you will never feel alone as you navigate this new season in your life. I will personally guide you through this transformative process every step of the way, so you never have to worry about whether or not you are on the right track.


Upon completion of your six month journey, you will have all the tools you need to sustain your healthy lifestyle forever; Creating real, lasting lifestyle change as you enjoy your new body and mind.

Isn't it time to invest in YOU?

Go from surviving your day to knowing you can own your day. With the right support at the right time, you will never feel alone.

Meet Sarah

Hey there! I’m your coach, Sarah. I am a Veterinarian and NASM certified personal trainer.  Empowering veterinarians to look and feel their best through movement, proper nutrition and mindset coaching is the cornerstone of everything I do.

Nine years into practice I found myself overweight, out of shape and severely depressed. Suicidal thoughts and overwhelming feelings of failure as a doctor and a leader permeated my mind, eliminating all capacity to care about myself. I didn't think I was worth the time to focus on my self-care so my clients, my patients, my team and my relationships suffered.

Through fitness I found my way back from depression and now have a thriving practice because I finally decided to put myself first. Since then my patient care, client communication and team building skills have also soared. I am the best doctor I can be because I chose to make myself THE priority in my life.  And now I want to share it with you!  Together we will walk the road of self-care and healing as you discover how to truly thrive in your life without ever feeling guilty about prioritizing your needs.

What You Get

6 months of Private 1:1 Coaching With Sarah

With private focused training sessions, you will learn how to safely complete exercises and gain the most from your workouts.

$1,950 value

Customized Online Fitness Plan

After your introductory consult you will receive a fully customized plan to set you up to meet your fitness goals.  You will have complete access to my online digital library of workouts, including over 700 bonus workouts.  With the combination of strength training, cardio and yoga you will crush your goals and feel energized to crush your day.

$1,300 value

Monthly Coaching Session

Each month we will meet to discuss your goals and progress.  By pulse checking monthly, we can course correct your fitness plan and make sure your nutrition has been on point.  This is also the time where we will be able to discuss any challenges and celebrate all your wins along the way!

$500 value

Weekly Virtual Check-Ins and Mindset Homework

Fitness and Nutrition don’t paint the whole picture.  Your mind has to be solid to get results.  With a personalized game plan to attack your struggles you will be set up for success to own your mind and your day.

$800 value

Individualized Nutrition Plan

You will receive a personalized nutrition plan to meet your lifestyle, dietary restrictions and needs.  A deep dive pantry overhaul, tutorials on nutrition labels and breaking down supplements will equip you with the tools you need to make the right choices to keep you on track.  There isn’t a one size fits all approach to nutrition, but I will guide you on the journey and equip you with the tools you need to master your nutrition.

$180 value

Weekly Newsletter

Each week you will receive a weekly email from the Pawsitive Fit Tribe HQ which will include everything from nutrition tips, new recipes, a bonus workout or mindset coaching to help you on your journey.

$250 value

Fast Healthy Go-To Recipes

Regularly throughout the transformative process you will receive my favorite go-to simple and quick healthy recipes. Having quick options can help keep us on track and ensures we make healthy choices.

$240 value

Ready to start your transformation?

It is Time to Invest in You!

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Crush Compassion Fatigue

Whether you are personally dealing with it right now or you know someone who is currently struggling, compassion fatigue is very real in our line of work. Knowing how to deal with it is key to mental and physical health. Sign up for my email list and get my 5 tips on how to crush compassion fatigue. It's free!

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Additional Programs to Fit Your Veterinarian Lifestyle

The Pawsitive Fitness Mid-Tier and The Pawsitive Fitness Fit Tribe programs provide you the support and accountability of personal training in a virtual space.  These programs cater to you and your needs. Working with your time, your equipment and your preferred style.  We can custom create a hybrid program that works for you. Either way you get me as your coach to hold you to it. Choose between one-on-one coaching sessions with me or access to an online digital library of over 700 on-demand style workouts.

Pawsitive Fitness Virtual Training

A 6-month program with personalized one-on-one coaching.

  • Personalized workout plan with 3 workouts per week
  • Balanced Nutrition Blueprint: Intro Pantry sweep, outlined portion control nutrition plan, mindful eating, plus optional nutritional superfood supplement, optional performance supplements
  • Weekly Virtual Check in
  • Monthly 1:1 Coaching call
  • Weekly Newsletter
  • Community Support
  • Six Fast Healthy Go-To Recipes
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Pawsitive Fitness Fit Tribe

Virtual group coaching.

  • Unlimited access to online digital library of 700+ workouts
  • Balanced Nutrition Blueprint: portion control, mindful eating, nutritional superfood supplement, optional performance supplements
  • Weekly virtual check in
  • Monthly 1:1 coaching call
  • Weekly Newsletter
  • Community Support
  • Six Fast Healthy Go-To Recipes
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